Management Strategy

We practice hands-on management where we are highly involved in our
properties’ day-to-day operations, activities and decisions.

Our goal is to reduce variable costs, increase rental income, and increase building efficiencies to maximize property value.

We consider communication a key factor. Our tenants are always informed of all works weeks before starting, allowing all occupants to make adjustments prior to the start of upgrades.

Renewal letters are sent six months prior to lease term expiration. This method allows building managers the time to better select future tenants.

When refinancing a property, we make sure that we negotiate for the maximum equity take out for reinvesting in future projects. Once the amount has been determined we negotiate to obtain favourable financing terms with our selected lending institutions.

Our extensive upgrades are performed with a team of reputable engineers and subtrades which have earned a long-term relationship with our company.

We increase a building’s NOI by promoting zero vacancies and increasing rental rates within affordable parameters.

We create value, diminish costs without discounting a quality lifestyle for our tenants

Investing Continuously

We continuously invest in our properties to increase cash flow and increase equity value in return increasing our return on investment.

Decreasing Variable Costs

We renovate and modernize our properties to decrease variable costs consequently increasing the building’s NOI

Increasing Building’s Return

We leverage the building’s modernization expenses to increase rental rates to reflect property’s new value, while taking into consideration the region’s demographic affordability.

High Efficiency Installations

We always consider low consumption and high efficiency equipment in all our properties without discounting our clients’ comfort.

Adding Value with a conscience

When investing in our properties, we always consider protecting our environment a great concern without sacrificing our tenants’ quality of life. To conserve energy all of our heating systems are electronically controlled, our exterior and lobby lighting are controlled with electronic light sensing devices and all of lighting installations are of LED type.

To build a rewarding team you must first understand what matters to your team.
Integrity, honesty, dedication and experience makeup the qualification list when selecting our team.  Every property is exposed to at least forty years of maintenance experience.

Continuous Training

A continuous training program helps our team members improve their knowledge and skills and provides them with a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Encourage Individual Growth

Growing within gives individuals more confidence in oneself which results in less intimidation when faced with a problem.

Talent Access

Every individual possesses a talent different from one another. It is only important that individuals who process a certain talent be available to share such talent and knowledge with others.

Best Tools & Supplies

Good equipment and the proper materials facilitate works and reduce loss of time and individuals are less discouraged when approaching a task.

Promote Leisure Time

When individuals engage in leisure activities with their family or with the people they enjoy being with, they promote lower stress levels and get into a better mood.